Business and Technology Transformation and Optimization

Digital business transformation isn’t just about technology—it’s about deriving synergies from the integration of talent, culture, strategy, work practices, and yes, technologies to drive change that delivers business value. Most organizations have implemented a variety of digital technologies but many fail to see the full business value because they focused on technology, not on the other success factors. Agile Business Logic helps businesses and non-profits take a holistic approach to digital business transformation that delivers results through three services:

  • The Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment is a fast and inexpensive way for executives and managers to ensure that their organizations have “the right stuff” to succeed at digital transformation initiatives.
  • The Organizational Optimization Service is designed to help organizations assess and improve their ability to anticipate, react to, and drive change in their internal and external environments.
  • The Digital Transformation Strategy Service is designed to help leaders identify the most impactful digital transformation opportunities and develop strategies for implementation.

Additional services are described in the Enterprise Services collateral.

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I’m Marc Strohlein, Principal of Agile Business Logic and author of The Energized Enterprise


I bring over 30 years of insight and experience gained as COO, CTO, CIO, and SVP of Operations at companies including Outsell Inc., Classroom Connect/Harcourt, Gartner Group, and Dataquest, to ensure that my clients have the right strategies, talent, organization, and technologies to succeed. My passion and focus over my career has been in unlocking energy, focus, innovation, and growth in individuals, teams, and organizations.