Organizational Assessment and Optimization Service

Organizations of all types are facing challenging and unpredictable business environments. Challenges and opportunities arise and change quickly, without warning. Leaders need to be able to extract every ounce of performance and agility from their organizations on a sustained basis to survive and thrive in those environments.

And growing organizations have additional challenges and opportunities that change and evolve as the organization scales.  At certain stages of growth, organizations hit “inflection points,” where practices that worked well in the past are less effective or even fail. In short, organizations need to be able to continually transform and improve themselves in order to grow and compete.

Fortunately, most organizations can become more agile and transformative–able to anticipate, adapt to, and drive changes in their environments. The key is optimizing and orchestrating the organization’s people, culture, management, processes, and technologies to create a more nimble, successful business. The balance, alignment, and interplay of these components create synergies that are critical to achieving success.

Agile Business Logic’s Organizational Assessment and Optimization Service assesses whether an organization is performing to its potential and to levels necessary to realize its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. The service also identifies recommended changes and includes a road map for executing those changes.

The deliverable is a document and consultation that contains the desired state of organizational performance (drawn from management interviews), the current state (drawn from management and key staff interviews), an assessment of the gap and recommendations to close the gap. Recommendations are pragmatic and actionable–I have a 100% success rate in having organizations implement my recommendations.

If your organization isn’t the lean, mean fighting machine you’d like it to be, give me a call at 650-766-1067 or e-mail me at to discuss how I can help.

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