Tapping Hidden Potential

Even small businesses are complex systems with lots of critical components. The balance, alignment, and interplay of these components create synergies that are critical to achieving the successes described above. High-performing organizations have figured out how to create and manage synergies in a systematic and sustained way, using agile and other practices. The differences between medium or low performers and high performers can be quite stark:

Achieving balance, alignment, and interplay requires a “systems” view of the business and a holistic understanding and approach to identifying and removing impediments to performance while also identifying the drivers or “levers” that can unlock the organization’s potential performance.

Agile Business Logic helps organizations close the gap between their existing and potential performance, whether that performance is defined by revenue growth, profitability, customer retention and satisfaction, market share, employee engagement, or some combination of those measures. Services include workshops, coaching, and  structured, interview-driven engagements that deliver high impact, actionable advice and support in planning and executing on that advice.

Experience and Expertise

Marc Strohlein is Principal at Agile Business Logic, a consultancy that helps small and medium-sized businesses, associations, and non-profits unlock their full performance potential by optimizing strategies, people, processes, and technologies and their interactions to create “energized enterprises.” He has served as Chief Agility Officer at Outsell Inc., a market research firm that covers the B2B information industry; Chief Operating Officer of Classroom Connect, an online education company; SVP and CIO at Gartner Group; VP of Operations at Teltech Resource Network; and VP of Worldwide Operations at Dataquest.

Marc’s expertise includes business and technology strategy development and alignment, product strategy and development, product marketing and management, and agile development, as well as executive and IT management. He also has extensive experience in implementing and managing enterprise and product technology and applications in companies ranging from startups to global enterprises.

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