Buyer’s Journey Content Marketing Services

The buyer’s journey is a content marketing concept that replaces traditional push marketing by recognizing that 1) buyers go through a series of learning and decision-making steps before making a purchase, and 2) receiving the right information at the right time is crucial to buyers making a purchase decision.

It’s been estimated that as much as 70% of the buyer’s journey actually takes place before a potential buyer engages with a sales representative, emphasizing the importance of effective, relevant, and well-timed information.  The buyer’s journey is a buyer-centric framework for B2B marketing that ensures that potential buyers have the right information at each stage of their decision-making.

Using a buyer’s journey framework helps vendors get in the game and stay in the game by providing objective, useful, and targeted information, at the right time and in the right context, including social media. ABL’s Buyer’s Journey Services are designed to help technology vendors create strategies, frameworks, and content to implement more effective B2B marketing programs.

Services include:

  • Customized Framework: Creation of a complete framework of information needs and appropriate formats, by role or persona and stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Marketing content audit: Assessment of current marketing materials and delivery formats based on the needs identified in the framework with recommendations for remedying gaps or deficiencies.
  • Strategy and Content: Development of content and strategy for deployment to implement a buyer’s journey program. Strategy is focused on ensuring that the right information reaches the right individual at the right time and in the right context.
  • Content updates: Continued support in updating and creating new marketing content for any buying role and stage of the journey.

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