Energized Enterprise Book

It’s Here! Order it Now:  The Energized Enterprise: How to Tap Your Organization’s Hidden Potential

To compete in today’s unruly and unpredictable business environment, leaders and managers need to extract every ounce of performance from their organizations. Yet many organizations face an “energy crisis”: they’re struggling to remain competitive while dealing with unpredictable markets, fickle customers with dwindling attention spans, disengaged and footloose employees, and nimble, merciless competition.

The Energized Enterprise will show you how to unlock hidden performance potential in your team, department, business, or organization, no matter its size or goals—without massive investments of money or resources. Hidden in your organization lies an energized enterprise. Find out how to unleash that energy using eight engines:

• Smart Work Habits

• Compelling Purpose

• Focused Leadership

• Engaged Employees

• Customer Intimacy

• Dynamic Culture

• Enterprise Collaboration

• Transformational Technology

Energized enterprises are “1+1=3” organizations. They optimize, align, and balance their strategies, people, processes, and technology—and the interactions of those elements—so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether you’re a top executive, division manager, or team leader, this book is a pragmatic and straightforward guide to tools and techniques for converting your organization’s potential energy into the real thing.

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