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For content marketers, it is truly “the best of times and the worst of times. The best, because technology to manage and deliver targeted content has never been better. The worst, because the target audiences have never been more distracted and inundated with content.

It’s been estimated that as much as 70% of a business buyer’s research and decision-making actually takes place before he or she engages with a sales representative. Consequently, content has to do the heavy lifting in influencing most buying decisions. The challenge is in getting the right content to the right person at the right time to do that influencing. The technology to do targeted delivery is readily available and getting better by the day, but what about the content itself?

Prospects are deluged with webinars, tweets, blog posts, video clips, white papers and more. Much of the content is product-centric and doesn’t address the needs or concerns of the reader. It lacks sincerity and delivers little value in the form of knowledge or wisdom. Such content is not effective—it lacks the power to engage and persuade prospective buyers.  Effective marketing content needs to be:

  • Relevant to the target audiences and written in the languages and styles they understand
  • Objective and informative, providing context and actionable information that helps readers in making a buying decision
  • Readable, concise, and entertaining enough to sustain readership
  • Credible and created by someone that walks the walk of the intended reader
  • Timely and contextual, discoverable when and where needed

Agile Business Logic provides services to helps technology vendors create effective content that drives engagement, conversion, and revenue, based on a thorough knowledge of both buying and selling sides of the technology industry. Marketing services include:

Marketing Content: Creation of white papers, collaterals, webinars, conference presentations and other materials, targeted and tailored to the needs of decision-making stakeholders that drive engagement and buying decisions.

Messaging and Positioning Services: Distillation of complex technology offerings and their value propositions into clear marketing messages; helping vendors’ understand where their solutions fit in the competitive landscape; matching solutions to market opportunities, and identifying and tackling marketing and selling challenges.

Go-to-Market Strategy: Strategy development and planning for vendors who are bringing new technology products or product releases to market or moving into new markets. Strategies cover target markets and buyers, competitive landscapes, positioning and messaging, product launch, marketing communications and social media.

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