I’m Marc Strohlein, Principal Consultant at Agile Business Logic, a consulting firm that helps businesses, associations, and non-profits  unlock  their performance potential by optimizing and aligning strategies, people, processes, and technologies.

I also authored The Energized Enterprise, a book for team leaders, managers, and executives that offers eight ways to tap hidden energy and performance in organizations.

My passion is in helping organizations and their leaders find that magic combination of purpose and strategy, talent, working methods, and technologies to produce superior performance and results. High performing teams or organizations are amazing things and altogether too rare–I’m trying to do my part in making them less rare.

Interview with the SIIA

My experience includes serving as:

  • Chief Agility Officer at Outsell Inc., a market research firm that covers the B2B information industry. I also provided analyst coverage focusing on content software technology and served as an adviser to Outsell’s clients: publishers, information providers, and content software vendors.
  • Chief Operating Officer of Classroom Connect, an online education company;
  •  SVP and CIO at Gartner Group;
  • VP of Operations at Teltech Resource Network;
  • VP of Worldwide Operations at Dataquest.

My expertise and experience includes:

  • Executive Management, IT, Product Development, and Operations
  • Business and Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Performance Assessment (Health Check)
  • Product Innovation and Development
  • Technology and Business Strategy Alignment
  • Change Management and Organizational Transformation
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Project Management and Rescue
  • Enterprise 2.0 Planning and Implementation
  • Social Media
  • CRM and Social CRM

My reports and analytic coverage have included multi-channel publishing, search, semantic technology, content engineering, Web and Enterprise 2.0, social media and user-generated content, and workflow integration, to name a few.

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