business transformation words on touch screen interfaceMost organizations have invested in digital technologies, some heavily, yet few reap the full benefits from those investments. There are myriad reasons for that, but one common one is the lack of a holistic approach in selecting and applying those technologies to achieve true business transformation. Digital technologies deliver full value only when organizations have the right leadership, vision, culture, talent, customer focus, and business strategies to fully leverage them.

Organizations have traditionally approached technology as a series of projects aimed at solving specific business problems or needs—that approach doesn’t work in the digital age. Digital transformation is not an IT project—it is an enterprise-wide journey that involves all aspects of how the organization operates and fulfills its mission. The digital business transformation readiness service is designed to help organizations take a first step by assessing the gap between their current competencies and capabilities and those needed for digital business transformation. It is designed to answer the questions:

  1. What organizational attributes and competencies need to be in place in order to succeed at digital business transformation?
  2. Where does the organization currently fall short and how can gaps be remedied?
  3. What steps are needed to prepare for digital transformation initiatives?
  4. What are some key areas of focus and how should the organization prioritize allocation of resources to digital transformation initiatives?

Agile Business Logic helps business leaders and their organizations understand the challenges and opportunities of digital business transformation; assess their readiness for transformation; and build plans and roadmaps for driving transformation of internal operations as well as customer products, services, and experiences.

Services are practical, actionable and cost-effective and are organized and scaled to meet the needs and budgets of organizations of any size. Some examples: 

Digital Business Transformation Readiness Assessment: Multi-stage engagement to help organizations crystalize their vision, mission, goals, and objectives (desired state); assess the current state of talent, organization, technology, products and web sites, and culture; and then develop roadmaps to get from current to desired state. Outcomes include improved operational efficiencies, speed, agility, and competitiveness; and new and improved customer products, services, experiences, and revenue opportunities.

Organizational Assessment and Optimization Service: Engagements focus on assessment and optimization of organization structure; culture, management, work practices and processes; governance; and agility. Clients receive detailed analysis and recommendations for changes to improve the organization’s ability to change and adapt to changing needs as digital transformation initiatives proceed.

Digital Business Transformation Strategy Service: Engagements aimed at helping organizations define appropriate goals for digital business transformation and then create roadmaps for execution. Exploratory engagements aimed at uncovering opportunities to leverage new and emerging digital technologies to improve operational efficiencies and customer-facing products, services, and experiences. Engagements are in the form of workshops, facilitated brainstorming, and advisory consulting.

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