Technology Assessment and Optimization Service

Optimization. KeyboardAre your technology assets driving business transformation or merely along for the ride? If the latter, consider this: research conducted by the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT found that companies that manage their IT assets well get returns as much as 40% higher than their competitors that don’t. Clearly, it’s time to make your technology work for a living.

ABL’s Technology Assessment and Optimization Service is a fast and inexpensive way for executives and managers to find out if their technology assets can support current and future business needs and create new revenue opportunities. The service is designed to answer questions like:

  • Are technology infrastructure and applications of the right type, size, cost, and level of robustness and flexibility to support and drive the mission and goals of the organization?
  • Do technology investments succeed in reducing costs, improving productivity, and growing revenue?
  • Are employees and customers using technology investments appropriately and effectively?
  • Do technology strategies both support and drive business strategies?
  • Are there missed opportunities to use new technologies to create new products and revenue streams?

ABL’s approach recognizes that while technology strategy should be tied to business strategy, at the same time new technologies can drive new business strategies. Your technology investments should open up new revenue and service frontiers.

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